jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

Mi pequeño homenaje a los que estuvieron, a los que pelearon, a los que murieron, a los que volvieron, a los que esta madrugada festejaron por la vida

Va esta traducción para los de habla inglesa, gracias a Fedekiller, la letra es de León Gieco, la música de Luis Gurevich, canción para la película Iluminados por el Fuego o Blessed by Fire.

I'm here sitting, under the small sun
The one who gave us eagles and also sparrows
What to do with silence when my head blows up
How to stop the impotency of not being able to do anything
Why do you want to kill your sons
It's for our blood to hurt for years
Yesterday for not wanting the motherland
And now for loving it too much.
Old laws, more genocides
Bad omen for life
With light full of shadows and the sun
In pain
I came back to my home on my knees and here
My friends are dead.
In a sick country, all cards over the table
We play perverse games between soccer and war.
Blood of glory, hate against love
Gods and beasts, insanity and pain
I'll open the doors of this empty place
Why did destiny throw me upwards.
Old laws, more genocides
Bad omen for life.
I'll insist with a sea of roses
And I'll build over the ashes.
I'll have a new dream in my hands
And I'll fight for justice to be done.
The cheeks of my children on my lips
And I'll find in their eyes a new rest.
Old laws, more genocides
Bad omen for life.
Old laws, more genocides
Bad omen for life.